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Working for Indigenous Peoples' Rights and Natural Resources Management

Sustainable River and Fishery Conservation

The hydropower dam development of Lower Sesan II and Don Sahong will affect the natural resources and the livelihoods of the people along the rivers. Additionally, they will also cause decline in aquatic species in the area, as well as a decline in fish consumption, food security and health. It was noticed that there were lack of consultation with affected communities across boundary all stages of hydropower dam development. To cope with these issues, the project started in 2011 in six villages in six communes, two districts in Stung Treng province. This project aims to protect fishery resources and deal with the issues on local people and fishery resources in Mekong mainstream and its tributaries which were caused by the hydropower dam in order to minimize the impacts on livelihood of the local people and fishery resources.

 To address with the issues and protect fishery resource, MVi has worked with three types of CBOs such as Indigenous Development Active Member (IDAM), Indigenous Youth Network (IYM) and Indigenous Women Network (IWN). Currently, there are 24 committee (all females) of IWN, two committee (all males) of IYM and 57 committee (18 females) of IDAM.

CBOs were built their capacities on leadership, management, advocacy and FPIC. Their roles are to facilitate to establish fishery conservation zones and deal with fishery issues and dam issues which affected on the livelihood of local people at downstream and upstream of the Lower Sesan II Hydropower Dam and Don Sahong Hydropower Dam.