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Working for Indigenous Peoples' Rights and Natural Resources Management

MVI History

My Village (MVi) was founded in November 2006 and officially registered with the Ministry of Interior on 25th January 2007. MVi is operating in northeast provinces of Cambodia, particular in Mondulkiri, Kratie and Stung Treng. Ever since, MVi became a recognized local NGO working for Indigenous Peoples' Rights. MVi encourages ownership and participation of indigenous peoples’ as its approaches to protect their land and natural resources. In 2012, MVi was awarded as NGO Governance and Professional Practice (NGO GPP).

 In 2007, MVi staff also organized provincial Forestry Networks in Northeast of Cambodia as Kratie, Stung Treng, and Mondulkiri provinces, bringing together community leaders from different forest concession areas and NGOs interested in helping them. These activities played a key role in stopping the cutting of resin trees on which local communities depend. Then, 2007-2009, MVi extended its activities to Community Network and Self Confident (CNS), Community Forestry (CF), Indigenous Peoples' sLand Rights (IPL), Community Livelihoods (CLH), Community-Based Small Enterprise (CBE), Enhancing the Role of Indigenous Women in Natural Resource Management (IWN) and Indigenous Youth Mobility (IYM).

From 2010-2012, MVi provided support and facilitate communities to have opportunities in increasing community products to support their livelihoods, strengthened capacity of indigenous groups and networks, organized a floor for indigenous communities to have access in legal utilization and receiving benefits from natural resource in managing their community and their own development, and worked in partnership with indigenous groups and networks; relevant local, provincial, national and regional institutions.

From 2013-2017, MVi focuses on Sustainable Land and Forest Management, Sustainable Fishery and River Conservation, Appropriate Community Climate Change Approach and Grassroots Monitoring and Local Governance, and Social Enterprise.