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Bushmeat is not good for health, please join together to stop eating and buying bushmeat

The perception that eating bushmeat can cure diseases or supplement health is not right. However, continuing to eat bushmeat can cause serious risks (even death) for your health. Participate in talking about the negative impacts of eating and trading bushmeat together for the safety, health of

Together to protect our wildlife​ Community involvement for trading and eating bushmeat reduction

Wildlife plays an important role in protecting the environment, natural heritage and national ecotourism, which is an inexhaustible source of income for local communities and the national economy.

The engagement’s indigenous youth, women networks in commune climate change budget

MVi organized one workshop at provincial levels to aware the champions for commune administration who have allocated more budget for climate change activities in commune plans and award for indigenous women and indigenous youths who are active to work with commune councilors for the success of budget allocation for climate change activities in the

My True Story Disadvantages of young marriage in indigenous communities

Young marriage is still a challenge in Cambodia, and in some areas, it is considered common, especially in Ratanakkiri and Mondulkiri provinces, where the rate of young people deciding to get married at a young age is up to 36 percent compared to other provinces across the country.

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