Sustainable Fisheries and River Conservation

The project was carried out in 16 villages, seven communes, and four districts in Stung Treng province. It aims to increase the capability of rural communities to manage fishery resources. In collaboration with the Fisheries Administration Cantonment, the Provincial Department of Agriculture, commune councils, district authorities, MVi has supported rural communities, and indigenous communities, to manage and protect ? hectares of fishery resources 16 villages along Mekong, Sekong, Sesan and Srepok riversin Stung Treng province.

Fisheries Conservation by Community Fisheries in Mekong and its tributaries in Stung Treng, Cambodia

In a part of awareness raising to community members on deep pool conservation boundary, in 2021 youths collaborated with Samkhouy local authorities to install the Yay Ey deep pool conservation in Srea Tapan village...
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Case Study: Improved roles of women leader in fish catch monitoring in Srea Sronuk village

As pasting for many trainings, coaching, practice and reflection, since 2022 it was indicated that Chorvy has improved her knowledges on fish catch monitoring. Moreover, Chorvy conducted the echo-training to fisherman for fish catch monitoring...
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