Bushmeat is not good for health, please join together to stop eating and buying bushmeat

15 Jul

By: giant

Sustainable Forest Resource Management

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The perception that eating bushmeat can cure diseases or supplement health is not right. However, continuing to eat bushmeat can cause serious risks (even death) for your health. Participate in talking about the negative impacts of eating and trading bushmeat together for the safety, health of you and your family, help protect and preserve our environment and natural resources.

#Talk2ProtectOurWildlife​​​​​ #SayNoBushmeat #NegativeImpactOfBushmeatOnHumanHealth #TogetherForCambodiaWildlife #TimeToStandUpForTheWildlife​ ​#TogetherWeSaveOurWildlife ​​#WildlifeIsnotMadicine

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