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15 Jul

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Good Governance and Social Accountability

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Donor: USAID and ADHOC
Project: Inclusive Participation of Indigenous Child and Youths in CEFM Reduction in indigenous communities (IPICiC)
Implement: MVi
Date: October 29, 2022

Young marriage is still a challenge in Cambodia, and in some areas, it is considered common, especially in Ratanakkiri and Mondulkiri provinces, where the rate of young people deciding to get married at a young age is up to 36 percent compared to other provinces across the country.

Forcing a child to marry at a young age can have many consequences or disadvantages for child and parents in the future.

As shown in this educational video, forcing a child (youth) to get married at a young age, she/he forces to live with someone that she/he does not like (love), domestic violence, divorce, health problems and especially the loss of the future due to the compulsion to drop out of school, resulting in the loss of the opportunity to get a better job or career.

Every parent loves their child, wants to see them have a family, have children and grandchildren and happiness in the family, but this video also wants to send a message to all parents: “Forcing children to get married at a young age” It is not the right thing to do, but it is the loss of your children future, and you (parents) only regret it. If you really love your children, please give the opportunity, encourage and motivate them to study hard, that is the right thing to do, thank you!

#As a good parent, you should not force your child to get married at a young age.

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